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We WILL challenge and inspire men to contribute positively and sustainably towards true equality in society

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The Challenge as we see it

  • To change the narrative from pointing a finger at men to inviting men to play their part in finding sustainable solutions to the social challenge of equality.
  • To equip men to rise up above the stereotypes, the status quo and become holistically great men.
  • To Inspire men to fight for all the right reasons, stand up for all the right things and unapologetically embrace all it means to be a man.
  • Provide an inclusive platform that challenges every person who calls himself male, no matter his position in life, sexual preference, stature or nature to become active agents of change at home, at work and in his community.

AIM #1

To facilitate dialogue that challenges and motivates men who are highly influential in policies and strategies to become change agents within their environment.

AIM #2

To partner with influential leaders and managers to be catalysts of a sustainable change in culture towards a healthy and positive masculinity in our society.

AIM #3

To facilitate ongoing collective and open dialogue on topical issues that affect men today at work, home and in society and empower men on how to be responsive in a healthy manner.

AIM #4

To mobilise men who are committed to collectively eradicate toxic masculinity and all its manifestations while building a healthy and positive culture of masculinity that promotes working together with other relevant groups towards building a culture of mutual understanding, social inclusion and equality.

AIM #5

To facilitate deep conversations around the nine identified themes that affect the role and attitudes of men today in order to challenge and change negative frameworks that prevent holistic masculinity.

AIM #6

To create a platform of reflection for men through thought-provoking talks, lectures, workshops and other artistic vehicles (comedy, music, theatre, etc) that address the nine identified themes in an inclusive and sustainable way.

Simphiwe Masiza


Mr Simphiwe Masiza is an entrepreneur, business leader and the CEO of Empowaworx Group. Masiza holds qualifications from WITS and GIBS, amongst other institutions. He is qualified in project management, strategy, organizational development, organizational management, event management, reputation management, business management, governance and executive leadership. He is the founder and passionate leader of Empowaworx, a premium communications firm with four business divisions – namely Event Management, Speakers Bureau, Media and Brand Design. Masiza began his career as a leadership expert, management consultant and a sought after and energetic corporate MC and keynote speaker.

His keynote address on “High Impact Leadership” then grew into the annual “High Impact Leadership Summits” events featuring luminaries in business, government and civil society. Empowaworx has since 2000, become a specialist in premium leadership & entrepreneurship events with extensive media coverage through events that reach over 64,500 C-suite Leaders, Executives, Professionals, High Potential Individuals and Entrepreneurs – under his able leadership. Simphiwe Masiza holds various directorships as a trusted and seasoned businessman.

Sechaba Motsieloa


Sechaba (CM(SA)) is an internationally experienced professional who passionately and courageously brings to business his gifts of marketing, branding, communication, reputation management, and overall leadership. He is a strong advocate for a holistic approach to the trinity of strategy, implementation and delivery, to drive sustainable business results. He works with business leaders to tease through the reflective high-level question, “how can we create financial and social sustainability in the long run?” His overarching gift is his ability to detach and step back, connect dots and see a pattern in scenarios that seemed separate and unrelated. He has an astounding ability to see beyond obvious scenarios. Throughout his career he has used the gift of a oneness perspective in the various roles he has played. He is a Oneness Approach Teacher.

For the past 20 years, Sechaba has held management and leadership positions in several companies and organisations. He currently serves as executive director on the board of Marketing Association of South Africa (serving as Interim CEO) & non-executive director on the Professional Designation Board for Chartered Marketers and is Guarantor of the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation of SA). He serves as Chairman of Council at the Da Vinci Instituted provider of Higher Education.


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