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The key focus areas of the EmpowaMen programme are Man & Family, Man & Health, Man & Identity, Man & Wealth, Man & Violence, Man & LGBTQI, Man & Substance Abuse and Man & Future. The programme will target various sectors through participation in public discourse, the national summit, campaigns, programmes, Executive Dialogue Breakfast events, Paradigm Shift Seminars, Signature Talks and In-House Workshops.

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A broad panel of experts anchor the themes as content providers and curators. Their professional expertise puts them in a position to provide coaching for individual or referral to more qualified professional that deals with specific needs. This gives people who attend EmpowaMen programmes another avenue to continue on a self-directed journey as they navigate the topics covered in the nine themes.



Executive Breakfasts

The EmpowaMen Executive Dialogue Breakfasts are networking spaces for the Senior Leadership of Organisations to discuss the challenges that come with confronting a culture of toxic masculinity and strategies to eradicate its negative effects on business and society.

The Executive Breakfasts equip leaders to prepare themselves and their organisations for a constantly changing world; inspire leaders to embrace the business case for contributing towards the building of an equal society; provide a platform for leaders to network with fellow executives and exchange ideas on how to drive the needed cultural shift from toxic to healthy masculinity in the workplace.


A four-hour programme targeted at Senior and Middle Managers, equipping them to tackle the challenge of changing the mind-set of individuals and companies in confronting the Toxic culture of Masculinity.

Expert Presentations on the key themes equip men with the knowledge they need to embrace and drive change at a personal level, in their organisations and within their communities, as well as create an environment for men to share and learn from each other through break-away sessions.


A culmination of all activities throughout the year, focussing on solutions and creating opportunities for relevant, deeply insightful dialogue.


Comprehensive workshops on the challenges facing organisations and strategise how to confront toxic masculinity.

In-house workshops are targeted at senior and middle management, shifting them to the new man being developed who is fit to the times and skill them to inculcate a culture that confronts toxicity and promotes a holistic man. The workshops will address issues of harassment, GBV, sexism and other patriarchal tendencies and any organisation-specific challenges faced.


The nine EmpowaMen themes can be activated as programs internally, or externally with different audiences. A flexible matrix design for activations allows for a combination of the nine themes, locally, regionally and nationally. 

Corporate Theatre

A 30 minute theatre production is used to create a paradigm shift and willingness for change through the medium of theatre. This industrial theatre piece is designed to elicit a conversation that can happen internally as a self reflection or through open discussion among the audience. The production is aimed at challenging perceptions about masculinity and influencing a move towards a more holistic masculinity.

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