The Concept

EmpowaMen platform equips men to confront and challenge toxic masculinity in the face of a judgmental and superficial world, giving men the reassurance that masculinity in itself isn’t toxic, and that they are able to be and become whole, complete and holistic.

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What is Empowamen?


A programme designed to confront, challenge and dissolve toxic masculinity, giving rise to true, authentic and positive masculinity.

A go-to resource for insight, commentary, information and developmental programmes for influential men.

Guided by thoughtful planning, consideration of research, trends and the needs of society

Themes of Engagement

The focus of the conversations will be around the nine identified themes in navigating the status quo of the modern man, creating a trajectory out of toxic masculinity into holistic masculinity.

Man and Family

The world is ever-evolving and the current focus on the empowerment of women is having a fundamental impact on the role of men, specifically within the framework of the family; but it is essential that men don’t feel emasculated by it.

Man And Identity

An unalterable knowledge of your core identity is a fundamental human need. Knowing who you are, as opposed to what you are is vital to self-worth and how men respond, act and shape the world around them.

Man And Wealth

Financial worth should not dictate a man’s self-worth; however, a defined sense of purpose and achievement are key in creating holistic masculinity. This session explores wealth creation, entrepreneurship, business and other factors that contribute to financial stability.

Man and Health

Fast-paced lifestyles and stress-filled days mean that caring for one’s health is more important than ever before. Opening up dialogue about issues that affect men and why is an important part of holistic masculinity.


Awakening a consciousness of a reality beyond one’s immediate experience opens up a space for greater possibility; no matter how this consciousness is perceived or felt, it assists the holistic man in responding positively to the internal and external environments of his world.


Man And Violence

In his State of the Nation address 2019, President Ramaphosa stated as follows: “Government will lead the campaign to include men and boys as active champions in the struggle against gender-based violence”.

Man and LGBTQI community

There are far-reaching negative attitudes towards the LGBTQI community, with violence as a regular response. This session provides insight into this integral yet marginalised part of society and aims to destigmatise LGBTQI people, leading towards a non-prejudicial attitude towards people based on their sexual orientation.

Man And Substance Abuse

This session explores the phenomenon and looks at ways in which men can stand together to create a society where alcohol and substance abuse is, if not eradicated, at least frowned upon and controlled.


Man And The Future

With the world in a consistent evolutionary trajectory, how do men respond to changes that may put into question their ideas of masculinity? In this session we look to the future and ways in which men who embrace and embody holistic masculinity can be agile and equipped to manage and positively respond to change.

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